All about your CAR in FALLING WATERS (Status: FEB 2014)

You only have ONE car

The caretaker of your rental apartment will register you at the appropriate "FALLING WATERS Association". This means that you are on the day of your arrival known by name at the main gate. The porter will stick a STICKER (a BAR-CODE) to the right side window of your car. So that you can take the right lane at the gate - the gate opens automatically, because a sensor will "read" the STICKER. The doorman will hand you also a POOL PASS (PROXIMITY CARD). If you need more STICKERS (BAR-CODES) or POOL PASSES you should keep reading.


Your registering includes ONE STICKER (BAR-CODE for you car) and ONE POOL PASS. If you need more, you can buy more in the MEMBERS CENTER for each additional vehicle. The same applies to additional POOL PASSES. It's up to you to keep the sticker at the gate house or not. If you want to avoid the cost of an additional STICKER, please keep reading.

You are expecting visitors

Your visitors should mention the gateman the tenant name and the address of your apartment. Then they will get a DAY PASS. The DAY PASS is valid - of course - for one day only.
All persons staying over-night must be registered. The caretaker of your rented condo will register you about 6 weeks ahead of the rental period. At that time she needs all names (and DOB).

Arrival after 10 p.m.

The Porter House is manned only up to 10 o'clock at night. If you arrive later, we can provide you with a GATE CODE, which allows you to open the gate. Read all about the GATE CODE, Sticker (BAR-CODE) and POOL PASS (PROXIMITY CARD) - as well as about the opening times of the MEMBERS CENTERS here...