Pre-paid Internet access with a TABLET (i.g. iPAD)



If you own an iPAD that has a slot for a SIM card, you can buy a PRE-PAID SIM CARD. The card is valid for 1 month and costs $ 30. So you can surf up to 3 Giga or download data from the Internet. There is also a card for $ 50 which has 5 Giga. We recommend that you only take the 'smaller' one. If the card is 'empty' by using skype or FaceTime extremely much then you could simply purchase a new one. Where can you buy the card? In any AT&T store. A store is located at NAPLES PLAZA - Phone: 239-659-4488; this is the shopping area at the US41 towards the COAST COUNTRY MALL.
With iPAD and above SIM card and if you have created a credit of $ 10 in Google-Mail or Skype (credit cards accepted) you easily can do very cheap phone calls to all countries in the world. With your iPAD you can reach all people having only a 'normal' phone.
We just learned, that you have to have a US-based Credit Card.

Status: NOV 2013