Language training (English & Spanish) in NAPLES!

  Here are some general information regarding LANGUAGE training in Naples.
    The following periods are recommended, the dates in other years vary only a few days: from April 16, 2012 until the end of May and August 19, 2013 thru December 19, 2013. It is of course more recommend to start after October 1st than in the heat of the summer. In these periods mentioned above there are no holidays (except the Thanksgiving week at the end of November). The English classes are not free anymore, in 2012, they cost $ 120 flat rate - no matter how long and how often you attend. You can always "enter" a class, you only have to make a test and they would recommend you a class. The teacher then decides (from week to week) if you can climb a class higher or not. You can co-decide, of course, whether the performance level suits you or not. The courses are held at seven different schools in Naples, 4 days a week and each day two and a half hours in the evening. This is from Monday to Thursday from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. There are also morning classes at the same 4 week days, but they are very crowded. In the classes you will find adult students of all nations - even some from Europe. More information can be found here:

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Status: DEC 2012