How to setup a WIRELESS Internet connection as a home owner.
  According to our experiences, now more than 95% of the tenants are asking for wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) within the property. This trend got a powerful boost given by the increasing popularity of Apples iPad and iPhone. And these tablets and smart phones can’t work with Ethernet cable. They need wireless. For rental units without Internet, in the past we always recommended to open a “dual account” with Comcast. Recently, Comcast denied to open it without presenting a written power of attorney by name of the landlord and a copy of the ID of the landlord. We now went through this process. To make it short: It was a disaster for all being involved: for the tenant, the owner and the caretaker of the rental unit. To solve the problem, we recommend the following solution:
The owner should buy a COMBI DEVICE, that's an Internet modem and an Internet router in one unit. It costs about 115 dollars. Optionally, the combination device can be rented. The rent of the combination device is about 4 Dollars a month. We recommend a rental. The devices should be registered at the ISP (Comcast or Century Link), and may turned on and off by phone by the owner (or caretaker of the condo). The logoff process does not cost anything (going on vacation). It costs about 9 Dollars to turn it on. When logged on, the operating costs are about $30 a month. The attractiveness of the rental property is enhanced considerably by this action.

Status: JULY 2016
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